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Homestead Glow - Where Memories Spark

Introducing our artisanal candle collection that was born out of a vision to revive the timeless charm of homestead living.

Drawing inspiration from the rustic elegance of vintage homesteads, we embarked on a mission to craft candles that not only illuminate spaces but evoke a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and harmony.

Illuminate moments. Embrace tradition.

COUNTRY KITCHEN - Close your eyes and let the nostalgic scents of freshly baked apples, rich maple sugar, sweet vanilla and the comforting warmth of tonka bean transport you into the heart of a primitive country kitchen- where memories are made, traditions created, and comfort is ever-present.

CLOTHESLINE BREEZE - This scent will transport you to that vintage spring day and envelop you with the serene fragrances of sun-dried cotton, delicate peach blossom, and calming lavender.

HEIRLOOM GARDENS - Surrounded by the timeless scent of delicate jasmine blooms mingling with fruity red currant, and earthy patchouli, every breath becomes a journey back through a classic, vintage garden.


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